Phileas Genius

Airborne disinfection unit
A Concentration of Technology
Technicals Features

The expertise of very small volumes

With its rotating head and height-adjustable foot, Phileas® Genius® can be easily inserted into the structure of isolators, freeze dryers, biosafety cabinets, sterilizing ovens, or even into serving hatches or double-door locks.

Indeed, its large handles can be used with gloves.

It is designed especially for treating very small volumes between 0.25m3 and 10m3.

Manufactured by: Devea
Phileas Genius

Key data

  • Battery NiMh : 2h30
  • Flow rate : 300 ml/h
  • 0.25 m3

Technicals Features

Feature Value
Maximal volume 9 m3
Flow 300 ml/h
Grading 5-10 microns
Disc rotation speed 55 000 tr/min
Drum capacity 250 ml
Power life 2h30
Recharge time 5 h
Width 34.4 cm
Height 34.4 cm
Length 19.6 cm
Weight 5.5 Kg
Power supplie Battery NIMH and sector 220V
Material Stainless Steel